Eyeopening Week at Al-Bustan Camp

I was first introduced to Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture through the Bloomberg Internship Program, which gives inner-city teens jobs and internships in businesses of arts and culture.

When I was given the list with different organizations, Al-Bustan automatically stood out to me. I loved their message, how they wanted to spread awareness about Arab culture and how they accepted every one of different backgrounds. As a Muslim myself, I saw this as an opportunity to not only expand my knowledge of Arab culture but to work on my Arabic as well. Because of this Al-Bustan was my top choice. And while I had no clue what I would be doing there, I was so excited.

Coumba with Campers

My first week at Al-Bustan Camp has been a wonderful learning experience. As a counselor, I am not only caring and spending time with the campers but I am also learning with them. During this short period at camp I have already learned so much about myself, others, and Arab history and culture. Alongside Sahiti Bonam, the Marketing Coordinator, I am tasked with documenting different aspects of camp. This means popping into different classes to take pictures and videos of the campers and teachers in the classroom and playground. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many amazing people from different backgrounds who all share their skills and knowledge with me. Every day is a new experience and I love coming in. Al-Bustan Camp has been more than just a job. It’s been a place of learning, fun and so much more. I can say it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had yet and I can’t wait to see what comes out of the second week!


Coumba Dianka
Mastery Charter Lenfest Campus, Class of 2020
Bloomberg Intern, Summer 2019

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