On the Importance of Family

Al-Bustan Camp went by in an instant, one brief and sweltering moment of drumming, Arabic, geometric patterns and soccer in 100-degree heat. Now, a few days after the final performance, I’ve had the time to reflect more deeply on what these two weeks, and this past year, have taught me.

Eyeopening Week at Al-Bustan Camp

I was first introduced to Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture through the Bloomberg Internship Program, which gives inner-city teens jobs and internships in businesses of arts and culture.

Speed Interview with Yasmin: Future Doctor and Fish Philosopher.

Yasmin is an Al-Bustan all-star who takes drumming, choir, and art. This is her second year in the program. She’s usually busy hanging out with friends or making beautiful art, but I managed to catch her for a few seconds and the conversation got pretty deep.

Drawing Trees and Drawing

Over the past few months, I’ve become enmeshed into the cohort of young artists in the Moffet Arab Arts Program. We begin every Wednesday with snacks and homework and the ideas in the kids’ heads are already apparent through the chaos of doodles and procrastinations from their assignments. Before this energy explodes we move downstairs…