A Birthday and Continued Wonder on Camp’s Second Day


Rosewater Production
Lisa teaching the young scientists how to distill rosewater

The second day of the camp continued in high spirits. It was so good, in fact, that we began by celebrating Makken’s 6th birthday with “happy birthday” sung in English, Arabic (سنة حلوة يا جميل, which literally translates to “a sweet year you beautiful one”), Spanish, French, and even Ukranian! You can be sure the day will be enjoyable if the first note is an ice cream celebration.

In science class today, Lisa helped the campers examined mint, or نعناع (na’naa’), learning about its health benefits and how to make tea out of its leaves. Despite being an adult, I was engaged with a child-like sense of awe throughout this lesson! In art, the children made natural paint from spices and used their brushes from yesterday’s class to paint. I am still amazed by how quickly the children are picking up Arabic. Everyone can now begin class with a “Sabah al-khayr” and “Kayfa haluka?” and end with a “Shukran, Ma’a salama!” We even learned the names of different animals with Brahim. And finally, in percussion and singing with Hafez, the children marched on in memorizing “Fil Bustan”. I can’t wait to watch their final performance on Friday!

Elizabeth Berthy
Summer Intern

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