Playing and Learning at America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far

My name is Aimee Knaus and I’m Al-Bustan’s Marketing & Events Coordinator. I get to observe or participate in most of our events and programs, so if Elias, our Programs Coordinator, ever needs help at Al-Bustan’s Arab Arts After-School Program at Moffet Elementary, I’m happy to step in.

Al-Andalus Sparks Healthy Conversation on Ethnic Identity

On the second day of Al-Bustan’s professional development workshop, participants listened to a comparative literature lecture by Al-Bustan Arabic teacher and Princeton doctoral candidate, Brahim El Guabli entitled “Lamenting al-Andalus in the Poetry of the Prince-Prisoner in Aghmat.”

A Gullah Narrative: Expanding Our Understanding of Identity

This Monday we were lucky enough to have storyteller of peace, Nashid Ali, use music and anecdotes to talk about home and identity, specifically focusing on how family plays into those constructions. Amidst his performance he informed us of a dimension of his identity; Nashid is Muslim and can trace his family roots back to…