On the Importance of Family

Al-Bustan Camp went by in an instant, one brief and sweltering moment of drumming, Arabic, geometric patterns and soccer in 100-degree heat. Now, a few days after the final performance, I’ve had the time to reflect more deeply on what these two weeks, and this past year, have taught me.

Playing and Learning at America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far

My name is Aimee Knaus and I’m Al-Bustan’s Marketing & Events Coordinator. I get to observe or participate in most of our events and programs, so if Elias, our Programs Coordinator, ever needs help at Al-Bustan’s Arab Arts After-School Program at Moffet Elementary, I’m happy to step in.

Between Home and School

  When I was a student at Gilbert Spruance Elementary School, I never had a teacher who looked like me. I never had teachers who didn’t speak English as a first language, and until entering the Mentally Gifted program (which no longer exists) I was never taught that I or my art were valuable. By…

An Eye Opening Journey

Coming to the United States was not my choice, however, it is not a regret.  It’s been the most challenging experience yet, the most empowering for me as I continue to learn and meet extraordinary people. Thinking back to the first time I arrived here, it felt like I had started from square one. I…

Positioning Arab American Identities Within the Non-profit Sector

This fall season has and continues to offer me valuable experiences. Joining Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture as an NNAAC Transformative Leaders Fellow in early September and learning how matters operate behind-the-scenes of community events and educational sessions that Al-Bustan hosts have truly amplified my appreciation for the nonprofit sector.