Speed Interviews with Moffet’s Little Leaders: Ghadeer, Mastermind & Go-getter

IMG_4876This is our last interview for 2017-18! I hope you enjoyed the weird journey that is the after-school program. I finally had a few seconds to touch base with Ghadeer, a second-grader who likes to pretend she is evil but is actually very sweet, especially with her little brother. She’s incredibly smart and funny, check out our conversation:

Today is the last day of the program. How do you feel?
I mean I like the program but I get out at 5 and I can’t go to the mall!

You don’t feel sad at all?
… I will miss y’all.

What did you think you did best in the program?
Drumming. I beat everyone.

There are no winners in drumming! What do you mean?
I won. I won the whole semester. And the year.

Okay… Are you excited for the summer?


Anything cool you’re doing?
I’m going to Paris, London, Florida and South Carolina!

What are your dreams? 
To help animals. First, I was gonna be a model. Then, a doctor. THEN, I was going to be an astronaut but you can die from that so I’m good.

Right. Any last words you want to say to me?
Um. Have a good summer.

This concludes my speed interviews with the students of the Moffet Arab Arts After-School Program 2017-18! I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I loved writing them. These students were so fun to work with.

Have a great summer! See you back in the fall for a whole new round of student leader interviews.


Soumya Dhulekar
Programs Coordinator

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