Speed Interviews with Moffet’s Little Leaders: Yousef, Author & Illustrator

I had a moment to check in with Yousef, a talented illustrator and author at our Moffet Arab Arts After School Program. Yousef is in first grade and loves drawing monsters, pirates, and other types of villains. He gave me a quick artist to talk about his most recent work.

FullSizeRender (5)
Moffet Artist, Yousef, hard at work.

What’s going on in this drawing? Can you explain it to me?
This guy on the left is looking at Donald Trump.

Is the guy in the middle Donald Trump?
Mhm. This guy’s like, “What’s Donald Trump gonna do?” And Donald Trump is like, “Hmm…” [Points at bear] This bear’s like, “I don’t care what you guys are doing, I’m a bear.”

What’s Donald Trump going to do?
He’s probably going to build a wall.

Oh no, okay.
[Points to a small figure on top of the wall] That’s Donald Trump too.

Donald Trump is thinking about himself on a wall?

What do you think about the wall in general?
It’s really bad.

Do you like making funny drawings like this?
Yeah, drawing is fun.

What’s the next book you’re working on?
It’s called, “Who Stole My Dirt?”

FullSizeRender (2)
Yousef holding up his final drawing of A Guy, Donald Trump, and the indifferent Bear.

Who Stole My Dirt? will be published soon in a Moffet classroom near you.
Come back in February for our next student interview!


Soumya Dhulekar
Programs Coordinator


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