Speed Interviews with Moffet’s Little Leaders: Jehaid, Wearer of Many Hats


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 10.24.49 AM
Jehaid, being a boss.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Al-Bustan’s attendance assistants at Moffet Arab Arts After-School Program, a third-grader named Jehaid.

I was always in charge of attendance. However, one Monday I was sitting in the auditorium with my sheet when Jehaid came up to me and asked, “Can I take attendance for you?” On a whim I agreed, thinking that this would be a one-time thing.

The next day, I am taking attendance again, when Jehaid comes up to me and asks, “Where’s my sheet?”
“Where’s my sheet? I am taking attendance.”

Jehaid inspired the creation of leadership roles for Moffet students. She is responsible, outgoing, smart, and a natural-born leader. During parent pick-up, Jehaid had a minute to chat with me about her experience.

How has your experience been so far at the Moffet Arab Arts After-School Program?
The best.

In what way?
I have never taken attendance before. This is my first job at Al-Bustan.

Could you elaborate on any prior experience you have which makes you qualified for this position?
I was a teaching assistant for Ms. Kane’s second-grade class. I am also now a messenger for my third-grade class.

What is a messenger?
Oh, it’s like you send things to the office or to another teacher.

Got it. Well, that sounds great. Last question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A doctor.

Wow, that’s really cool, why do you want to be a doctor?
My mom’s here.

Jehaid is very well-rounded and super ambitious. Seeing how much she has achieved at Moffet in such a short amount of time makes me confident that she is on her way to accomplishing much, much more.

Stay tuned for more quick interviews with Moffet students!

Soumya Dhulekar
Programs Coordinator

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  1. Mirvat Abuali says:

    My Little Star!


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