A Fun-Filled First Day at Al-Bustan Camp 2016

The first day of Al-Bustan Camp began with nervous goodbyes and hugs to parents as the campers were dropped off.  By the end of the day, however, all the campers had made many new friends and showed confidence in the various activities. Content-wise, the campers have six classes throughout the day: Arabic with Brahim El Guabli, art and… Continue reading A Fun-Filled First Day at Al-Bustan Camp 2016


Cultivating Arabic’s Cosmopolitan Heritage in America

Sitting cross-legged on the auditorium floor of Kensington’s Moffet Elementary School, I listened attentively to a diverse group of American children singing an Arabic song together on stage. Joining me in the audience were dozens of proud parents. The people in the room came from different ethnic backgrounds and communities: African American, White, Latino/a and Arab… Continue reading Cultivating Arabic’s Cosmopolitan Heritage in America

Reflecting on the Emotive Impact of Teaching the Arts

On Friday, May 27, the High Tide art gallery hosted an art show for the spice paintings, dreamscapes, and Andalusian collages that students created in Al-Bustan’s Moffet Arab Arts After-School Program., led by teaching artist Lisa Volta. The highlight of the evening was my illuminating conversation with attendees whose opinions on the works reminded me of the power of arts… Continue reading Reflecting on the Emotive Impact of Teaching the Arts

Inspirational Interning at Al-Bustan

As an Egyptian-American Muslim by heritage, and a joint Government and Middle-Eastern Studies major at Harvard University, I have always had a particular interest in the various ways that Arab culture and American society interact and intersect. Given the vitriolic rhetoric and negative stereotypes that have come to define our mainstream media’s presentation of Arab-Americans,… Continue reading Inspirational Interning at Al-Bustan