Bouzouki, A Memory of Home

When one sings, his or her voice becomes an instrument. The singer has to practice and fine-tune it, much like a drummer has to practice the intricate beating patterns that build to the complex tempo of a musical piece.  Last semester, I enjoyed seeing singers and percussionists refinetheir skills. Their musical dexterity is astounding to… Continue reading Bouzouki, A Memory of Home


عمّان، مدينة حلوة — Amman, a beautiful city

Nearly seven months ago, when I boarded the plane to leave the United States for the first time in my life, I wasn’t overly nervous. I didn’t cry when I waved goodbye to my parents, or panic about arriving in a city I hardly knew anything about. Mostly on my mind was the new experience… Continue reading عمّان، مدينة حلوة — Amman, a beautiful city