See You Soon, Al-Bustan!

Five months ago, I was graciously welcomed into the Al-Bustan community as an intern. Although it was my place of work, I saw this organization as more than that. To me, Al-Bustan is a place to discover one’s identity and be accepted by those similar and different than you. Upon arriving, I was ready to immerse myself in this positive environment. As I became more involved in the programs, especially during the summer camp, I learned more about myself as a leader and as a member of a thriving community. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with the talented teaching artists of Al-Bustan, who have each inspired me to pursue my passion as they have pursued theirs. Hazami Sayed, Executive Director, made the most impact on me from this experience. With her obvious dedication and commitment to the organization and Arab culture, she is the rock of the foundation. Her guidance through these past several months has allowed me to mature professionally, gaining knowledge of multiple aspects of running an organization, such as market outreach, research and analysis, program design and development, customer relations, and database management. Overall, I am extremely appreciative for all that Hazami and Al-Bustan have done for me.

Today, I am traveling to visit my family in Palestine. Although this chapter in my life is coming to an end, I am and will always be a part of Al-Bustan. I will take the lessons and values learned and continue to spread the organization’s mission.

Thank you, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture!

My favorite experience, my family – Al-Bustan Camp 2013

Zeanah Rumman-Obeid – Drexel student, intern at Al-Bustan