Presenting at Moffet Elementary

On Thursday, I had the great opportunity to share a travel experience with an inquisitive group of youngsters. A few weeks ago, I sat in on Ms. Fredericks' class at Moffet Elementary while they held conversations via Skype with a classroom full of children in Baghdad. It just so happened that the next day, I… Continue reading Presenting at Moffet Elementary


Creative Arab Percussion at Science Leadership Academy

The following post was written by Mr. Diamond, a music teacher at the inquiry-based Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.Mr. Diamond performingwith the Philadelphia Arab Percussion Ensemble"I teach music several times a week at Science Leadership Academy. I am fortunate to have a set of Arab drums, or doumbeks, provided by Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture. My students… Continue reading Creative Arab Percussion at Science Leadership Academy

Lines and Sounds Swirl Together in ‘Roads to Damascus’

All photos by Danielle NowakKinan Abou-afach As the newest member of the Al-Bustan team, I was so excited to attend the Roads to Damascus concert!  I watched the audience react as thick, coiled strands swirled along the base of the paintings projected overhead, creating shapes and hues that expertly flowed together.  Soon domes, human forms within… Continue reading Lines and Sounds Swirl Together in ‘Roads to Damascus’