Culminating Performance at Northeast High School

On February 8, students from many grades and classes arrived at the Northeast High School auditorium to see the final presentation of the Arab Arts & Culture Class. The performance showcased what the students had learned and created over the past semester. They had the chance to show off their percussion prowess when Mr. Hafez led the two classes in drumming demonstrations.

Students also talked about their artistic creations, culminating in a collaborative art piece that featured Arabic writing and geometric designs.

The event also featured a remembrance of the visits to NEHS by Pulitzer-winning journalists Nada Bakri and Paul Salopek. The event concluded with a music demonstration by Hanna Khoury and Hafez el Ali Kotain, performing a few classic Arab musical pieces. Students from the Arab Culture class enjoyed the chance to show off what they had learned. And other students enjoyed learning more about Arab arts and culture.

One student explained what the class meant to her: “Even though I am Arab I don’t know everything, and I was really really excited to learn more about my culture especially on Fridays with Mr. Eric [teaching Arab history]. I learned more about the history of my world and what is going on there right now, which is cool.”