Interview with Executive Director Hazami Sayed

Hello, my name is Mazin Blaik. I take weekly Arabic lessons with Brahim El Guabli. One of my assignments was to conduct an interview in Arabic. This is my interview with Hazami Sayed, my mom and executive director of Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture.مقابلة مع حزامي السيد: أم و زوجة و مديرة الجمعية الثقافية غير الحكومية… Continue reading Interview with Executive Director Hazami Sayed


Thoughts on Sonia M’Barek’s Concert

It has been over a week since my husband and I attended the concert featuring Tunisian singer, Sonia M’Barek, but I have not been able to get the wonderful experience out of my mind!It was truly beautiful – the song choices, Sonia and the orchestra’s amazing talent, and most remarkably the collaboration with the Keystone… Continue reading Thoughts on Sonia M’Barek’s Concert