One more reflection…

Oh boy, I completely forgot to include an excerpt from a wonderful nature teen poet, Chelsea Ann Smith, who participated this summer. This is based on an exercise we did that examined the experience of rebuilding by first examining the appreciation of life through the writing of an obituary. Here is her piece:

My full name was Landscape, but people often called me anything from nature, trees, oceans, sea, fish or grass. I was everything and have always here, but I have been dying since I have been born. These humans that I allow to use me have abused me. They have been killing me slowly since the beginning.

I was never born, I didn’t come from someone or somewhere, I was the start and I started everywhere in all the possibilities of thoughts at the same exact second. Which is a hard thing for you to grasp? Life is lonely with no parents and no siblings and on one on my intelligent level. Being the smarter around can bring you down.

My landscape is full of caring and you as I am also there for my fellow humans and also for myself. I like to help, put out that helping hand, it’s my hobby; lights me up inside. My light fades thought when these humans bring me down when you destroy my surface with trash and smoke and oil.

The service for me is held every day, all day. I am dead and I am stilling dying You don’t realize it but you are part of the reason. No one really shows a helping face in honor of me, at the few that do, I would like to thank you.

Here is a link to catch these amazing performances… Thanks again everyone for your time and support of these great young individual poets and artists!

**She is the young lady to the right of this group photo…

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