Making Tabouleh at Camp

On Tuesday we had a visit from Maria Nacouzi who is from Lebanon and a mother of one of our campers. She demonstrated how to make one of Lebanon’s national dishes: tabouleh. Maria explained that there are regional variations on this dish but that the abundance of lemon juice and a small quantity of bulgur make this version typically Lebanese.

The ingredients of tabouleh are: finely chopped baqdanus (parsley), banadura (tomatoes), hamod (lemon), basal (onion), and na’na (mint), burghul (bulgur), zait (olive oil), melh (salt), filful aswad (black pepper), and bhar helou (sweet pepper). Maria lets the mixture sit for 10 minutes to enhance the flavors.

For some campers, this was their first taste of tabouleh and most went back for seconds! So as we say in Arabic, Sahtain, “to your health”, to which we respond ala albak “on your heart”!

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