First Week in Art Class

The books of Dar Onboz, the Lebanese publishing house founded by Nadine Touma, have served as a jumping-off point for Art class at this year’s camp. The books are very visually stimulating–communicating the storyline not just through text but through images, including many colleges, as well. During the first week, Tremain, our Art Teacher, had campers focus on creating collage materials in preparation for making individual and collaborative collages as a final project.

Group tha’ and the shabab are tackling a Mixed-Media Narrative Art Project. They will be telling a story using the Arabic alphabet as characters. Inspired by the books of Dar Onboz, they will combine the letters of the Arabic alphabet with the language of art to tell visual stories of rebuilding.

They will be using drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage to create a series of artworks that either individually tell a story or are seen in sequence.
During week one, Groups Alif and Ba’ used the geography of Lebanon as inspiration for art making. On Monday the Lebanese mountains informed their class in which they experimented with line making.
On Tuesday the cedars of Lebanon were the inspiration for a printmaking project.
On Wednesday and Thursday, the coastline of Lebanon was the basis for a project exploring color and texture.
Check back soon to see how the campers bring together their collages!

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