Ciao from Monte Falco

Good morning Al-Bustan campers, it’s Ellie and I am enjoying the wonderful weather here in the Umbrian region of Italy.

I’ve posted a new picture of myself making candles when were visiting Bevagna. I was jealous that you all get to make soap for the science portion of camp so I was the first to volunteer to make a dual wick candle from beeswax.

Only a few more days left here and I have found a new spirit of community and have been inspired to write from another perspective. With the camp theme this year, I have been planning to work with the teens in developing the sense of conflict and the varying forms that it comes in. This is a tough prompt and I believe that before I ask all of you to explore this, I must partake in the exercise myself. What has been yielded is some amazing soul searching about what it means to be a woman in the world today and what it means to define myself by my country of origin as well as my religious perspectives. I can’t wait to delve into this mode with you all and am terribly inspired by what has been posted about the camp thus far.

Ciao and see you in a few days!

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