Arab Spring, Philly Summer

The Arab world is actively changing as we head towards the opening of camp. As someone who has been involved in the news industry and cares deeply about this part of the world, I check constantly for updates. I am sure I am not alone among my fellow teachers, counselors and campers alike. The opportunity to teach at Al Bustan is especially exciting to me as an Arab American who has years of experience as a camper and camp counselor.

I was not lucky enough in my youth to have a camp that catered to my community, but being involved as a teacher seems like a lucky addition to my life. I had the pleasure of spending November and December of last year in Beirut, the most recent of many visits there. I look forward to sharing my many experiences in Lebanon with the youth. I have included a picture here of some art that is visible on one of many stairways connecting neighborhoods to another in Beirut. I think the words and steps themselves can symbolize the movement towards a healthier space for the Arab world and also function as words we can embody at Al-Bustan.

The video class will not only explore film/video techniques–we will also watch some new and exciting films from Lebanon. I have had the pleasure of hearing about the camp for years by a friend and former teacher Dahna Abourahme. Dahna’s contributions to the camp have been great, I hope to continue that tradition.

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